Discover Birds on the Chippewa River Trails

Discover Birds on the Chippewa River Trails

CED.1015.M01 Section 58773

Date & Time

Tuesday, May 22

6:30am - 11am




Mt. Pleasant Campus - Mt. Pleasant City Chippewa River Trails

Meet in the Mt. Pleasant Campus Parking Lot


Ryan Dziedzic

Class Description

Explore the Mt. Pleasant City Chippewa River Trails, which are surprisingly active during migration. As we wander through the Nelson, Mill Pond, and Chipp-a-waters Parks expect to see warblers, tanagers, orioles, thrushes, flycatchers, and sparrows using the floodplain as a stopover during migration. The walk is along paved and compacted earth trails for a total of 2-3 miles.

If there is interest from the group, we can also visit Grewes Lake located on East Airport Road.

We highly recommend you download the following free apps to your mobile device, Audubon Bird Guide, Merlin Bird ID, and eBird.

Questions? We'd love to answer them!

Contact Carol Darlington at or 989.386.6625

About the Instructor

Ryan Dziedzic has an extensive background in the diversity of bird habitats, migratory patterns, plant importance, biology, and botany. Ryan shares his love of birding with students as they learn about natural habitats, wildlife, and the use of landscaping and plantings to attract birds.

Ryan holds a Master of Science in Conservation Biology from Central Michigan University. He has been involved in many research projects throughout Michigan, and has served as a field guide and lecturer at various venues.

 A loon on the chippewa river
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