Tree Care Lifelong Learning Class

Community Tree Care

Date, Time, & Location

2pm - 3pm Thursdays October 13, 20, 27, November 3, & 10


5:30pm - 6:30pm Thursdays October 13, 20, 27, November 3, & 10

Both take place at the Poet Family Outdoor Education Center on the Harrison Campus.


$25 per person per class or $100 per person for the 5-Week Series

Class Description

Urban forestry is the care and management of single trees and tree populations in urban settings for the purpose of improving the urban environment. In these classes, students will learn how to establish a healthy, beneficial, and long-term relationship with trees and the fauna and flora that reside in them.

This 5-week series is designed to educate participants on how to promote a healthy relationship between trees and people.

Week 1: Tree Planting
  • Types of tree stock
  • Site considerations
  • How to plant a tree
  • Let’s plant trees!
Week 2: Tree Trimming
  • Trimming throughout history
  • Trimming tools
  • Proper cuts
  • Plant biology
  • Timing and disease prevention
  • Trim a small tree
Week 3: Arboricultural overview
  • Urban forestry
  • Utility line clearance
  • IVM
  • Lightning protection systems
  • Cabling and guying
Week 4: Fruit tree pruning
  • Trellis
  • Pollarding
  • Open vase
  • Timing
Week 5: Landscaping for future generations
  • The importance of variety
  • Backyard permaculture
  • Self-reliance/ grow your own food

Instructor Bio

Ben Brown has diverse work experience that includes wildland fire fighting, utility line clearance, urban forestry, landscape commissions, and volunteering during community tree planting efforts. He grew up on a farm, in South America, Colombia, and is bilingual in English and Spanish. With experience in forestry management, helicopter operations, residential tree work, business ownership, interagency hotshot crews, and wildfire recovery projects under FEMA, Ben brings a unique perspective to the vegetation management table. He is an ISA internationally certified arborist.


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