Tango Basics Lifelong Learning Class

Tango Basics

Class Number | CED.1050.V01

Section | 62547

Class Details

Date & Time

4 Consecutive Weeks on Thursdays

October 8, 15, 22 & 29



$75 per person | $140 per couple


Morey Education Center - Shepherd

Class Description

Learning the Tango is an elegant journey through the world of floor craft and grace. For those wanting to feel more poised, learn traditional styles of traveling dances, and develop a new hobby, ballroom dance instructor, Damian Sanderson, is ready to guide you around the dance floor. This class is great for anyone who has always wanted to learn ballroom dance!

  • Bringing a dance partner with you is NOT required!
  • We recommend leather bottom or hard rubber shoes, a casual dress code (not athletic wear), and bringing a bottle of water.


Damian Sanderson

Growing up in Sanford, MI, Damian Sanderson always wished to be somewhere else. He wanted to perform and create, and he yearned for travel, excitement, and recognition. Through training and dedication, he got everything he thought he wanted, the warm sun and adventures of Orlando, Florida, the recognition of his peers and Ballroom Greats across the globe, and a platform to create.

But as it turns out, Sanderson realized he was lonely, missing home, his family, and the charm and comfort of the Midwest. After reevaluating his core values he knew he had to make a change. His retirement plan was to open a performance space with food and entertainment, surrounded by a community that wanted to grow around him. Only after following his heart, moving back home, and meeting some wonderful people, did that plan start to become a reality. Sanderson is now an integral part of Highland Blush and Ataraxis Yoga & Dance, both in Alma, MI.


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