Shipwreck Series

Shipwreck Lecture Series


6:30pm - 7:30pm

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SHIPWRECK Series Topics

The Edmund Fitzgerald

July 14

Class Section | CED.9999.V01 Section Number | 64718

Ric shares rare footage and interviews from the building, sailing and investigations of the loss.

The Great Storm of 1913

July 28

Class Section | CED.9999.V02 Section Number | 64719

No other storm has taken 12 modern ships and 250 men. Ric will show underwater footage from several of the wrecks and describe the meteorology of why storms like this happen. He will also share interviews with two men who survived this storm.

The Great Storm of 1940

August 11

Class Section | CED.9999.V03 Section Number | 64720

This was Lake Michigan’s worst storm, taking three freighters and two fish tugs. Ric shares exclusive interviews with two sailors who were on the Canadian freighter Novadoc, which was pushed ashore and destroyed near Pentwater, MI.

Cutter Rescues

August 25

Class Section | CED.9999.V04 Section Number | 64721

The Coast Guard has had amazing ships built in Michigan and many have been involved with incredible rescues. Ric showcases four cutters with footage of the ships, rescues and crews.

Offshore Outposts

September 8

Class Section | CED.9999.V05 Section Number | 64722

This is a look at the most famous remote lighthouses on the lakes. Based on Ric’s PBS documentary, it shares the amazing design of Spectacle Reef, built to withstand tons of ice that flow through the Mackinac Straits. Ric also shares an exclusive interview with the Coast Guardsman who survived an explosion at Stannard Rock, the most remote lighthouse in the United States.

The Most Famous Shipwreck of All Time

September 22

Class Section | CED.9999.V06 Section Number | 64723

From Babylonian tales of the ark to Titanic and the battleship Arizona, Ric explores the most notable shipwrecks over the past 3000 years.

Bottled Goodbyes

October 6

Class Section | CED.9999.V07 Section Number | 64724

Based on Ric’s new book, this lecture covers messages in bottles from the ocean and Great Lakes. Includes a look at the Christmas Tree Ship as well as Titanic and other famous wrecks.


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