Kirtland Warbler

Kirtland Warbler & Evening Grosbeak Discovery

Class Number | CED.1017.M01

Section | 59180

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Mt. Pleasant Campus with Trip to Grayling


Ryan Dziedzic

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Don't miss this fascinating trip to the Kirtland's Warbler breeding area near Grayling! View one of the rarest birds in the world in its northern Michigan breeding habitat as you stroll approximately two miles.

A visit to Hartwick Pines State Park concludes the day with a chance to view the birds of an old-growth white pine forest along a one mile paved trail. Be prepared for mosquitoes and black flies. Sunscreen recommended.

Kirtland's Warbler is the star of this trip, but the habitat also features other warblers, sparrows, and thrushes. Hartwick Pines has Evening Grosbeaks at the Visitor Center feeder, which is one of the most consistent places in Michigan to view them.


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Meet the Instructor

Ryan Dziedzic has an extensive background in birding habitat diversity, migratory patterns, plant importance, biology, and botany. Ryan brings his love of birding to the classroom and field experience as participants learn about natural habitats, wildlife, and the use of landscaping and plantings to attract birds.

Ryan holds a Master of Science in Conservation Biology from Central Michigan University. He has been involved in many study and research projects throughout Michigan, and serves as a field guide and lecturer at various venues.

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