Forestry Management

Forestry Management Planning: Getting Started

Class Number | CED.1019.H01

Section | 59172

Class Details

Date & Time

6pm-8pm February 21




Harrison Campus - Room 274


Nia Becker, District Forester, Clare & Gladwin Conservation Districts

Class Description

So you want to do something with your woods, but what? This session gets you started on a forest management plan for your property. Set goals and objectives for your land, identify resource potential, and itemize concerns. Participants gain an overview of Michigan’s forest types, forestry products, identification of common tree species, and learn to use common mapping tools useful to landowners.

Class Outline

  • Overview of the Natural History of the Region
  • What’s a Management plan?
  • Michigan Forest Types and Tree Identification
  • Forest Measurements
  • Geographic Information Systems for Landowners


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