Emotional Intelligence & Building Trust in the Workplace

Emotional Intelligence & Building Trust in the Workplace

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Mt. Pleasant Campus | Community Room

$95 per person

*16 attendee minimum.

Class Description

The core of every effective business strategy acknowledges the innate need to develop trust. Building trust within a team develops efficient organizational structures, as well as engaged and retained employees. With increasingly varied demographics and complex roles in a modern work environment, cultivating a diverse mindset based on emotional intelligence presents unique opportunities to build trust within and beyond the organization through effective communication and follow-through.

Learning Objectives
  • Define trust, emotional intelligence, and “emotions at work”
  • Explain the necessity of trust in modern work applications
  • Analyze common problem areas for trust using examples
  • Describe the role of emotion in trust problems
  • Evaluate models of emotional intelligence
  • Utilize the framework of “Affective Events Theory” for problem-solving
  • Apply knowledge to practical work scenarios
  • Imagine how emotional intelligence can proactively build trust
  • Identify limitations and establish contingencies
  • Acknowledge areas of further research


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