Internships & Apprenticeships


Employers and students benefit from experiential learning and on-the-job placements.

MMCC places students in internships, apprenticeships, and co-ops in order to facilitate real-world knowledge and skill development.

Area businesses and companies benefit from a stronger relationship to their future workforce and talent pools and the ability to receive additional staff support at no cost.

Internship fields include

Understanding Internships

What is an Internship?

The co-op internship at Mid Michigan Community College is designed as a capstone experience to be taken during the last semester of a student’s college program. This course allows students to combine learning in the classroom with learning in the workplace. Each week students will attend the co-op class and complete the appropriate coursework.

In addition, students will complete a specific number of training hours at an assigned business/industry worksite to apply the skills and knowledge learned in the course.

Co-op courses are offered each semester. Students have the duration of the semester to complete their internship hours (Each program’s hours vary depending on specifications for the program).

An agreement is signed by the student, work site supervisor, and the placement coordinator to establish training objectives and employer expectations. The student must meet the specific program prerequisites for his/her program of study.

For more information regarding co-op internships at Mid Michigan Community College, please contact or 989-386-6614.

Electrical Apprenticeship Program

MMCC offers one apprenticeship program.

Under new regulations established by Michigan's Electrical Administrative Board, all electrical apprentices must participate in an approved electrical training program. Apprentices are required to complete 144 hours of training per year until they have attained the 576 hours required by the Electrical Apprenticeship Bureau and the Department of Labor.

Electrical apprentices in the construction and industrial fields are currently required to register with the state. Now, in addition to registering, electrical apprentices will have to document their continuing education.

Mid Michigan Community College is an approved provider of related technical instruction that will meet the education requirements of apprentices. MMCC, through its Technical Education Center, offers both on-campus and online courses that meet the State's standards.

Visit the Electrical Apprenticeship Program site for full details and to register.

Students Interested in an Internship

In order to be eligible for an internship, students must *enroll in the appropriate co-op course at Mid Michigan Community College (ACC 280, BIS 260, CIS 280, DRF 250, AMS 232, BUS 291, or HRA 285.)

*Approval from an Academic Advisor is required before enrolling in a co-op course.

To schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor, call 989-386-6626 or email

The placement process can begin prior to the semester the co-op course is taken in order to secure a placement by the beginning of the appropriate semester. To request a placement for your internship, please email the Director of Internships & Trio Grant, Mary Battaglia or calling (989)386-6622, Ext. 606.

Companies Interested in Being an Intern Site

If you own, operate, or manage a business and would like to become a co-op or intern placement site, start the process by filling out the form below, emailing the Director of Internships & Trio Grant, Mary Battaglia or calling (989)386-6622, Ext. 606.

Excellent experience and learned more than I thought I would. People were helpful and also gave me freedom to try new things and learn from small failures.

-Steven Jean, ICTC Intern
[Brown Machine was] willing to work with my college class schedule, and the hands-on experience has been great! I have now been there for two years. I am learning about the accounting profession through direct application.

Keegan Rohdy, Accounting Intern at Brown Machine

What are employers and interns saying?

“Keegan has demonstrated very professional skills at his job here at Brown Machine. Coming into his position, he was ready for any challenge. As a cost analyst for us, he has taken on projects with confidence and his knowledge and attention to detail is growing every day.”

-Stephanie Tremain: Human Resources Administrator, Brown Machine LLC

Steve was an asset to my department. He was a huge help to me, as the bookkeeper was out on medical leave. He got a taste of most of the accounting functions and did very well.

-Patti Casey, ICTC Intern Supervisor

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