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Internships & Apprenticeships

Employers and students benefit from experiential learning and on-the-job placements.

Mid places students in internships and apprenticeships in order to facilitate real-world knowledge and skill development.

Area businesses and companies benefit from a stronger relationship to their future workforce and talent pools and the ability to receive additional staff support at no cost.

Internship Student Photo 2017

Students Interested in an Internship

In order to be eligible for an internship, students must *enroll in the appropriate internship course at Mid Michigan Community College (ACC 280, BIS 260, CIS 280, DRF 250, AMS 232, BUS 291, or HRA 285) and have completed MID 150, Career Readiness.

*Approval from an Academic Advisor is required before enrolling in an internship course.

  • To schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor, call (989) 386-6626 or email

The placement process can begin prior to the semester the internship course is taken, in order to secure a placement by the beginning of the appropriate semester.

  • To request a placement for your internship, please email the Internship Director, Mary Battaglia, or call (989) 386-6606.

Companies Interested in Being an Intern Site

If you own, operate, or manage a business and would like to become an intern placement site, start the process by filling out the form below, emailing the Internship Director, Mary Battaglia, or calling (989) 386-6606.

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