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Objectives for Area 8: Access


Assess, monitor, and expand Mid’s current level of service throughout the region and identify underserved populations. Institutional Research Committee


Work with Mid’s K-12 partners and community leaders to promote college enrollment. Partnership Committee


Expand Mid’s distance learning options to serve those whose attendance is constrained by geography or schedule. Enrollment Management Committee / Technology Services Advisory Committee
Objectives for Area 9: Affordability


Keep the cost of attendance below 35% of median household income for counties in the region. College Council


Implement strategies to support low-income students. Directors’ Council


Ensure that the structure of student tuition and fees incentivizes and supports certificate and degree completion. College Council


Leverage technology to reduce the cost of textbooks and course materials. Directors’ Council / Technology Services Advisory Committee / Phi Theta Kappa
Objectives for Area 10: Accountability


Implement and utilize an effective course evaluation system to promote academic quality. Council of Chairs and Deans


Work with public university partners to ensure the maximum transferability of Mid courses. Council of Chairs and Deans


Evaluate and improve the student experience from application through graduation. Directors’ Council


Ensure that the course schedule is predictable, reliable, and efficient at both of Mid’s campus locations. Council of Chairs and Deans


Evaluate and improve Mid’s buildings and sites in ways that will invite students and community members to come to campus more often and stay longer when they do. Facilities Committee
Objectives for Area 11: Transparency


Create and maintain a data dashboard and repository with institutional research that is accurate, relevant, and useful. Institutional Research Committee


Publish on the Mid website an updated course description, master course syllabus, and set of student learning outcomes for each course offered. Technology Services Committee / Council of Chairs and Deans


Implement a budget-building model that allows input from all members of the campus community. College Council
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