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Our Objectives

MMCC seeks to be a significant organization[31] within the communities it serves. The following objectives will help to make the College a force for good within our region:

  • 6.1 Identify, engage with and support existing community governments, non-profits, schools, and social service agencies.
  • 6.2 Provide educational opportunities across the lifespan.
  • 6.3 Connect Mid’s talented students to regional employers.
  • 6.4 Lead in supporting community development at the local and the global level.
  • 6.5 Act as a strategic partner with the Michigan Community College Association (MCCA), with other state and national entities, and in Mid’s local communities to leverage resources.
  • 6.6 Convene and connect leaders in the region for collaborative decision-making and collective impact.
  • 6.7 Leverage the Small Business Development Center to foster future business growth.
  • 6.8 Assist in ownership transitions to provide greater stability and continuity in the business arena.
  • 6.9 Work with the MMCC Foundation to ensure that fundraising priorities align with the College’s goals.

[31] Francis Hesselbein, Hesselbein on Leadership (San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 2013). See also, VanWagoner, Bowman, and Spraggs on The Significant Community College.

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