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Building on Strengths

We know that Mid Michigan College has a long-standing commitment to student success. As an open access institution, the College welcomes students from all walks of life. For the past four years (2011-2015), Mid student responses to the Noel-Levitz Survey of Student Satisfaction[9] strongly indicate that they feel welcome and that being a Mid student is an enjoyable experience. Mid students feel that the campus is safe and secure. They report that the admissions representatives are knowledgeable, the academic advisors and registration staff are approachable, and the faculty are available to them.

The Higher Learning Commission’s 2014 Réaffirmation Report[10] identifies an additional strength in the effectiveness of Mid’s communication of student learning objectives.[11]

Mid’s Title III grant (2011-2015) from the U.S. Department of Education[12] enabled Mid to build its existing strengths in student support services. The Grant initiatives resulted in improved retention rates, higher grade point averages, and increased transfer rates. The use and effectiveness of tutoring services also increased. Given national research on the importance of creating clear academic pathways for completion, it is especially noteworthy that the number of undeclared students dramatically dropped as a result of the Title III initiative.

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