Encouraging student success

What the Evidence Tells Us

At no time in history has the attainment of a postsecondary credential been more important – to individual citizens and to our state and nation. Education is a key driver of economic prosperity.[3]

For individuals, we know that a college education reduces the likelihood of unemployment and raises the graduate’s standard of living. An Associate’s degree increases average annual income by $8900.[4]

By 2018, an estimated 66% of all jobs will require a skill-based certificate or college degree. In addition to technical expertise, employers report critical needs for talented individuals who are effective listeners and critical thinkers.[5] The U.S. has fallen behind other developed nations in college degree attainment, a gap with serious economic ramifications. Our national goal to have 60% of American workers hold a college degree by 2020[6] is likely to fall five million degrees short. Nationally, approximately 40% of working age adults hold a college degree. In Michigan, that number drops to 38.4%.[7] In Clare and Gladwin counties, the number is below 12%.[8]

Armed with this knowledge and motivated to contribute to the prosperity of our students, our region, and our state, Mid is committed to student success by increasing skill-based certificate and degree attainment.

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