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Our Objectives

Mid Michigan College has identified the following objectives to strengthen the impact and effectiveness of our work:

7.1 Appropriately respect and recognize the contributions of all employees.

7.2 Promote continuous learning, wellness, and personal and professional growth in our organizational culture.

7.3 Clarify and publish Mid’s administrative policies so that all employees have shared and consistent expectations.

7.4 Prepare people for leadership roles in academic and non-academic settings.

7.5 Clarify the compensable factors by which positions at the College are defined and evaluated.

7.6 Position Mid as an optimal working environment.

7.7 Leverage technology to foster efficiency and creativity.

7.8 Improve Mid’s support of adjunct faculty members to ensure the highest possible quality of instruction.

7.9 Create new models for hiring faculty and staff to leverage resources and maximize employee satisfaction.

7.10 Take thoughtful and intentional steps to provide succession planning in Mid’s workforce.

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