Originally Published in the Cheboygan Tribune

By Kortny Hahn

Star Cheboygan Chiefs softball catcher Myia White signed her letter of intent to play softball for Mid Michigan Community College Friday afternoon,surrounded by her coaches and family at a signing event.

“I love coming to do these things,” said Mid Michigan College Head Softball Coach Bob Robinson. “The best part of this is this young lady has been to two of our camps. She came to the winter camp and then to our prospect camp.”

At the prospect camp, the Lakers softball team identified 50 student athletes they wanted to bring in to the school to look at for the near future of the sports program.

While at that camp, the catching coach was impressed by what he saw from White and spoke with Robinson saying she was the one they wanted.

“I already knew that, because I had the privilege of seeing her back in January and February,”said Robinson. “We are excited to bring her aboard. We are a brand new program, we will be entering our second season.”

In their first season, the Lakers went 14-20, coming in fifth place in their conference. This year, the team is planning on playing around 50 games in their regular season. As they move forward with the season, they are looking to build on their team. They are playing teams such as Lansing Community College, Kalamazoo Valley Community College and Lake Michigan College.

“We’ve done a great job recruiting with our staff, but it all starts with our catchers and pitchers, because those girls handle the ball on every play,” said Robinson.

The softball program has gotten very good, very quickly. They take top priority on their recruiting process, because they feel that if they get the right student athlete, who can handle the academic side of things, along with the athletic side, it helps to grow the program in the right way.

“We need to get quality players in here,” said Robinson.

The Lakes have brought in 15 catchers to their summer camp, and Robinson said, by far, White was very fundamentally sound and has very soft hands when she receives the ball from the pitcher. She also does a very good job in blocking the ball.

Myia White was excited to share her signing event with members of her family and all of her coaching staff, both past and future. [PHOTO BY KORTNY HAHN]

“We are excited to get her to our camp as soon as we can. Obviously, we’ve got to finish high school,” said Robinson.

Mid Michigan College is a community college, with a two-year eligibility program. They are also a Division Two school, so they do offer scholarships to help pay for attending college on their campus.

White signed her letter of intent to play softball for the team, which ties her to the school. She also received some financial aid with that letter of intent, from the softball program, to help with the academic costs.

With her only being 17-years-old, White needed either her mother or her father to sign the letter of intent along with her. After the document was signed, she was congratulated on becoming a Mid Michigan College Laker.

Robinson said the program expects White to walk into campus on Aug. 17, when they start practice, competing for the starting catcher position. The coaches are really looking forward to seeing her preform and watch her talents at work.

“That’s how highly we think of her,” he said. “She will have to compete against two or three other girls. She’s very gifted in receiving the ball and throwing the ball.”

High school softball is a little different than college programs. Every member of the team on the roster is there because the team wants them there, and there are some very good athletes on the team.

“Again, this young lady has proven to us, through our camps, talking to mom and dad on the phone through this whole process, and we are very, very confident she is going to come in and be the one,” said Robinson.

Cheboygan Senior Myia White signed her letter of intent to play softball for the Mid Michigan College Lakers in August at a signing event held at Cheboygan Area Schools Friday afternoon.


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