Mid Michigan College ramped up sustainability efforts in 2016 with the formation of Mid Green, a committee of Mid employees from many departments whose sole focus is improving green-related initiatives.

Since that time, Mid Green has lead the charge to successfully implement a recycling program, install water bottle refilling stations, and was instrumental in the planting of a pollinator project on Mid’s Mt. Pleasant Campus in the spring of 2019, which included partners across the College and Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources.

During the fall 2019 semester several students also got involved with making Mid greener and cleaner. Victoria Banner (Mt. Pleasant), Kuiper Bushy (Ithaca), Nikki Farnan (Shepherd), Courtney Ross (Alma), and Krystal Steele (Harrison) initiated composting at Mid’s Mt. Pleasant Campus as part of their service learning project for their Science 200: Science, Technology, & Society course.

Faculty member, Alan Gamble, indicated that the assignment was to reduce institutional carbon footprint and increase community awareness by planning a project that helps Mid do something to make a difference.

“It really started as a selfish goal because the group members are passionate about composting. Waste is a huge issue. Mid is already recycling, but we wanted to do something where we could learn and help expand what we do with the rest of the waste,” explained Nikki Farnan.
“These students were determined to figure out how to make composting work and researched ordinances, costs, and feasibility issues. The students then collaborated with the College’s Facilities and Auxiliary Services teams, proposed the project to the Mid Green committee, and received approval from College Council to move forward,” shared Gamble.

The composter will soon be installed just south of the Mt. Pleasant Campus and will begin composting refuse from the Mt. Pleasant Bookstore.

“As a committee we are ecstatic to see green efforts take hold and students getting engaged. This project will serve as a catalyst for future sustainability projects throughout all Mid locations,” noted Maggie Magoon, Mid Green committee member.
Maggie Magoon and students who championed the composting project.
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