March 22 - 26, 2021

With Winter (almost) in our rear-view mirror, it is time to turn our attention to the unpredictable weather that comes with Spring. As you know, spring weather can be uncertain and change abruptly without notice.

While tornados can occur at any time, they usually develop during spring and summer months. A tornado can evolve from a severe thunderstorm and is considered nature’s most violent and erratic storm. Tornadoes can sweep through an area, causing widespread damage and destruction, and then change direction and strike again. There may be only seconds to respond, so reaction time is critical. Therefore, it is imperative that our Campus Community is familiar with Mid’s shelter in place/tornado procedure, as well as the location of designated shelter areas.

In accordance with Severe Weather Awareness Week and the State of Michigan, Mid will be testing various systems for severe weather alerts. However, we are being asked to refrain from gathering in groups (which traditional drills would create). Therefore, individuals on campus on the testing day will not be required to report to the designated shelter areas.

Security Operations and Systems will be testing our Public Address System on Thursday, March 25, 2021, at both campus locations. You do not need to respond to these announcements and you may hear a number of broadcasts. In lieu of the actual drills, Security Operations and Systems asks that you familiarize yourself with the 2021-22 Tornado Policy and Procedures and make yourself aware of the designated shelter areas found on the Emergency Maps located in classrooms, office areas, and on the Safety and Security webpage.

If you have any questions regarding the Tornado Procedure and Information or if you have any other safety or security issue, contact Security Operations and Systems at or (989) 386-6638. You may also contact Campus Security at (989) 339-4204 (Harrison) or (989) 339-7323 Mt. Pleasant.

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