Mid Michigan College’s Phlebotomy Short-Term Training takes just nine weeks and prepares trainees to enter this high-demand healthcare field. Phlebotomy is the process of making a puncture in a vein with a needle, for the purpose of taking blood, and skilled technicians are needed throughout Michigan.

Mid's training features specific advantages when compared to competitor programs. Mid trainees are prepared to attempt the highest certification available through the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), allowing them to practice in all 50 states.

The National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science (NAACLS) is the premier international agency for accreditation and approval of phlebotomy education. Mid is one of just three NAACLS approved phlebotomy training programs in the State—guaranteeing to students that Mid provides the highest-quality training available.

Over the past 11 years, Mid has successfully trained 336 students, achieved a 90% graduation rate, and connected 75% of trainees with careers. Mid trainees surpass the national average in five of the six ASCP certification areas, and all trainees who attempted certification in 2018 passed the exam.

“Our instructor was outstanding and helped each and every one of us feel at ease and comfortable with phlebotomy procedures. The training was hard work, but what I learned during the training is something I’ll have for the rest of my life,” Cassandra St. Andrew, Phlebotomy Short-Term Training Participant in Bad Axe.
“I was nervous to start training because of the fast pace, and I knew having two young children could also make time management challenging. My fears were quickly resolved by the instructor who helped us in every way she could. I would recommend this training to others, a great experience, instructor, and learning environment,” Sandra Graham, Phlebotomy Short-Term Training Participant in Bad Axe.
“Surveyed graduates have given our Phlebotomy Short-Term Training a 97% satisfaction rating, something we’re very proud of as an organization,” said Kristine Stevens, Director of Business and Industry Training at Mid Michigan College. “We focus on fostering future success by supporting our students and connecting them to employers.”

Phlebotomy Short-Term Training costs just $1,400 for nine weeks of training, compared to nearly $2,000 for an abbreviated eight-week training at a non-accredited competitor. This reduced cost lessens barriers to success and allows students to start careers sooner and begin earning increased income faster.

Training costs may be significantly reduced or completely offset through MiWorks! assistance programs. Potential trainees should contact their local MiWorks! to see if they qualify.

Mid offers Phlebotomy Short-Term Training in Harrison, Mt. Pleasant, Big Rapids, Alpena, and Bad Axe.

  • Phlebotomy | Starts January 13 | $1,400 | Mt. Pleasant
  • Phlebotomy | Starts February 11 | $1,400 | Big Rapids
  • Phlebotomy | Starts February 17 | $1,400 | Alpena
  • Phlebotomy | Starts February 24 | $1,400 | Harrison & Bad Axe
  • Phlebotomy | Starts April 6 | $1,400 | Mt. Pleasant
  • Phlebotomy | Starts May 18 | $1,400 | Harrison
  • Phlebotomy | Starts May 26 | $1,400 | Big Rapids
  • Phlebotomy | Starts June 15 | $1,400 | Bad Axe
  • Phlebotomy | Starts June 22 | $1,400 | Mt. Pleasant & Alpena
  • Phlebotomy | Starts August 3 | $1,400 | Harrison
  • Phlebotomy | Starts September 21 | $1,400 | Mt. Pleasant
  • Phlebotomy | Starts September 22 | $1,400 | Big Rapids
  • Phlebotomy | Starts September 28| $1,400 | Bad Axe
  • Phlebotomy | Starts October 12 | $1,400 | Alpena
  • Phlebotomy | Starts October 26 | $1,400 | Harrison

For more information about upcoming trainings or to register, visit midmich.edu/short-term-training, midmich.edu/professional-development, or contact the Technical Education Center at training@midmich.edu or (989) 386-6614.

Phlebotomy Training Participants from Bad Axe
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