Students have a variety of ways to achieve their goals at Mid Michigan College. Along with partner universities, like Northwood and Eastern Michigan, Mid offers several 3+1 Programs that allow students to save thousands while earning a bachelor degree.

Students choosing this path to success complete three years and three-quarters of their bachelor degree at Mid, saving $59,000-$66,000 on a Northwood University degree, and $15,000-$23,000 on an Eastern Michigan University degree. Students then transition to the partner university to complete their fourth and final year.

At Northwood University, students who embark on a 3+1 path at Mid can obtain a bachelor degree in Business Administration and choose from a variety of majors including accounting, management, marketing, health care management, and new in 2019, Management Information Systems.

“This new major is suited for students interested in software development, business management, and information technology,” noted Amy Fisher, Dean of Business and Professional Studies at Mid.

Eastern Michigan University also offers a 3+1 path to a bachelor degree in Business Administration with several approved majors.

“Students who choose to begin at Mid save a significant amount money, and experience a learning environment that is more supportive with smaller class sizes and closer relationships with instructors,” shared Brent Mishler, Director of Admissions at Mid.

These partnerships also allow students to complete bachelor degrees in a 2+2 format, spending two years at Mid and two years at the partner university.

For more information about 3+1 Programs at Mid, contact Admissions at (989) 386-6622 or

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