Mid Michigan Community College (MMCC) is excited to announce the launch of the Advanced Integrated Manufacturing (A.I.M.) Program, which functions as apprenticeship preparation for current or future manufacturing employees wishing to increase wages and skills. Students can enroll in A.I.M now and begin their degrees in August 2017.

A.I.M. students will learn effective professional skills, gain workplace expertise, and achieve a high level of proficiency in a specialized sector. Students will complete an eight-course core sequence in which they will be introduced to a variety of manufacturing applications such as basic engineering, industrial safety and quality, welding, machining, CNC set up and operations, plastics manufacturing processes, and standard industrial materials. After gaining a basic knowledge of manufacturing applications, students select a specialization to complete their associate degrees: Plastics Engineering Technology, Welding, or Metal Machining.

Richard Greenleaf, newly hired lead faculty member for MMCC’s A.I.M. program, has a depth of knowledge in a variety of fields such as CNC, machine tooling, welding, and pipefitting. Richard gained this experience during his career at General Motors from which he retired in 2005.

“I’m eager to get into the lab and share the knowledge I gained in the industry with students,” noted Greenleaf. “I built my education step-by-step, and that is what the A.I.M. Program will do for MMCC students.”

A.I.M. courses are built around an open lab concept, allowing students to complete their coursework when it fits their schedule. The program also features beta credentialing, in which students earn badges for skills that they bring into the program from previous work experience or earn on-the-job while they complete the program.

“This is particularly important to students who are working,” noted Shawn Troy, Dean of Tech & Trade Programs at MMCC. “We also give students with career experience the opportunity to gain college credit for skills they have already mastered. We wanted to ensure that the program was flexible and relevant, which is why we developed it in conjunction with area employers.”

For more information about MMCC’s A.I.M. Program, visit midmich.edu or contact Shawn Troy at stroy@midmich.edu or (989) 386-6622 extension 658. Two students operate the thermal press in the plastics lab on the Harrison campus.

Morgan Arnold and Katie Money, Plastics Engineering Technology students, operate advanced thermoforming equipment in the plastics lab on the Harrison Campus.

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