Mid Michigan Community College (MMCC) is expanding and enriching its efforts to develop student internships with local employers. As part of this expansion, Mary Battaglia, MMCC administrator, has been named Director of Internships.

Special emphasis is being placed on increasing the number of students enrolling in and completing internship programs, as well as the potential expansion of internship opportunities into non-occupational academic program areas. Increasing internships available through MMCC will benefit local employers by providing entry-level workers with the potential for strengthening the permanent workforce of the region.

“I’m very excited to be working on the development of internships for students,” stated Battaglia. “This new focus will allow the internship program at MMCC to grow and provide positive opportunities for students.”

Internships are offered as capstone projects to be completed during the last semester of a student’s college program. Students combine learning in the classroom with field experience for valuable career preparation. Internships are currently available in fields such as accounting, computer information systems, and automotive technology among others.

“Experiencing classroom activities and completing course work related to a student’s program of study is excellent preparation for the workforce, but the opportunity to experience real-life work in the field, through an internship, provides the student with a competitive edge when competing against others for the same job opportunities,” noted Battaglia.

For more information about MMCC’s Internships, contact Mary Battaglia at mbattaglia@midmich.edu or (989) 386-6622 extension 606.

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