Program offers students new 3D Printing Certification and local businesses 3D Printing Services through Lyseon Additive Manufacturing Partnership

Recent events, from the COVID-19 pandemic to flooding throughout the central Michigan region, have highlighted how essential skilled trades professionals are to the economic wellbeing and rebuilding of our communities.

Mid Michigan College offers several occupational programs including Computer Aided Drafting & Design (CAD), that prepare students for a great career in their local community.

Mid’s CAD graduates are trained on the latest technologies and gain extensive hands-on training throughout their time in the program. In fact, 94% of graduates successfully complete the SolidWorks CSWA examination, and 91% of graduates are successfully employed in the field or have transferred on to bachelor degree programs at other institutions.

“The CAD Program has seen great success over the past 15 plus years,” noted Eric Sander, Full Time CAD Faculty at Mid. “We offer two distinct pathways, SolidWorks national certification, and 3D printer experience. And thanks to our new partnership with Lyseon, we now feature Stratasys certifications, a global leader in 3D printing as well.”

Lyseon Additive Manufacturing has been a leader in the additive manufacturing sector since its inception in 2014, and they recently partnered with Mid to provide the College with two new professional-grade 3D printers.

This addition of these printers will provide students with access to cutting-edge technology, allowing them to gain valuable experience in the entire additive manufacturing process. This partnership also provides an opportunity for Lyseon to implement their strategic initiative to pursue growth opportunities in the mid-Michigan region with the eventual goal of expanding their operations in the area.

The College has also partnered with Stratasys, a global leader in 3D printing technology, and is now able to offer two new courses and a nationwide industry recognized certification in professional 3D printing and additive manufacturing. This certification is available to students who complete the CAD associate degree credential, as well as CAD professionals who currently work in the field and complete select courses.

“This certification will give Mid’s CAD graduates a competitive-edge in the employment market and essential skills that are relevant to the future of the industry,” said Sander. “In addition, current CAD professionals in the area can complete the new courses and earn the certification as well.”
“The Stratasys Additive Manufacturing Certification is a rigorous showcase of capabilities of whomever goes through this training,” said Jesse Roitenberg, Americas Education Manager at Stratasys. “We hear from businesses across the industry weekly asking about who to hire and where to find talent. Mid students will now join our network of qualified talent, expanding opportunities for employers to find top talent and graduates to find rewarding careers.”

For more information about Mid’s CAD Program, visit or contact Eric Sander at or (989) 386-6676.

Registration for the fall semester is available now and fall semester courses begin August 30. Prospective students can apply online at or contact Admissions at or (989) 386-6661.

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