Over fifty students were recently inducted as new members of Mid Michigan College’s Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honors Society Chapter.

“As an officer of Mid’s Phi Theta Kappa Chapter, I have embarked on a journey of self-discovery, one that has shown me leadership development and resources to better enhance my future,” shared Logan Romatz, 2022 Chapter Officer and Honors in Action Chairperson. “Being able to work with campus administrators and faculty, as well as fellow members of our chapter, from the region and nationally, has truly been a rewarding experience.”


Pictured L-R Front Row: Logan Romatz (Clare, PTK Chapter Officer), Rebecca Kenny (Shepherd), Madelyn LeBeau (Lake), Laura Nicholson (Mt. Pleasant), Shantelle Thornton (Clare), Lucas Sawicki (Chippewa Lake), Melissa Bailey (Mt. Pleasant), Carlee Collison (Gladwin), Madison Collins (Shepherd), Haley Tupper (Shepherd), Mary Hathaway (Harrison, PTK Chapter Officer).

Pictured L-R Back Row: Raevyn Kremer (Mt. Pleasant), Isabelle Steffke (Mt. Pleasant), Logan Abell (St. Louis), Jenna Abell (St. Louis), Abigail Bass (Clare), Kaylin Cuddie (Beaverton), Abigail Jacobs (Davison), Sophia Lewis (Mt. Pleasant), Ashlie Krell (Mt. Pleasant), Ellie Giegling (Mt. Pleasant).

Not Pictured: Tonya Allen (Mt. Pleasant), Cari Barker (Mt. Pleasant), Julie Beracy (Clare), Denisha Brinker (Mt. Pleasant), Ayden Case (Mt. Pleasant), Emma Chapman (Harrison), Brecken Corp (Mt. Pleasant), Martha Dennis (Mt. Pleasant), Devin Dysinger (Rosebush), Charlin Farison (Coleman), Siera Feldpausch (Mt. Pleasant), Heather Houtman (Alma), Steven Hutchinson (Harrison), Olivia Kleinhardt (Clare), Tara Laclair (Merrill), Hailey Lawrence (Gladwin), Zania McClain (Gladwin), Kierra McGourty (Gladwin), Emma McTaggart (Cadillac), Joshua Merren (Mt. Pleasant), Evan Mester (Lake), Jessica Miller (Houghton Lake), Trent Mizer (Breckenridge), Ashley Mullennix (Alma), Jade Nanasy (Perry), Makayla Parshall (Breckinridge), Molly Pitch (Rhodes), Cassidy Richardson (Clare), Jessie Rodgers (Clare), Karissa Schlak (Fowler), Gavin Seybert (Mt. Pleasant), Haley Tupper (Shepherd), Curtis Walden (Mt. Pleasant), Yu Wang (Perrinton), Carl Werth (Mt. Pleasant), Alexia Wood (Clare).

The mission of Phi Theta Kappa is to recognize the academic achievement of two-year college students and to provide opportunities for them to grow as scholars and leaders. Students must earn a minimum 3.0 Grade Point Average and complete at least 12 credit hours at Mid before being eligible to join. Eligible students have until December 31, 2022, to join the chapter.

Mid launched a PTK chapter in 1989—one of nearly 1,300 PTK chapters worldwide. Over the past 33 years, Mid’s chapter has grown and obtained the highest level of achievement - a 5 Star Chapter. Through chapter and individual projects, members have succeeded in serving the College and surrounding communities.

For more information about Mid’s Phi Theta Kappa Chapter, visit midmich.edu/ptk or contact Tammy Alvaro at talvaro@midmich.edu or (989) 386-6622 x634.

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