Leadercast, the leadership development company that propels the growth of leaders, has partnered with Mid Michigan College to bring you Leadercast Super Teams 8:30am-Noon Wednesday, February 7.

This half-day event makes it easier for entire teams to participate and features three keynote speakers and a team-enhancing panel discussion with experts on how working together as a team allows the organization to go further faster. You are going to learn practical principles for building healthy teams from our keynote speakers and panelists - principles that will make you a better leader tomorrow.

Every Leadercast participant walks away inspired, better equipped, and motivated to lead in new ways. The ripple effects from hearing world-class leaders, athletes, disruptors, innovators, and teachers are invaluable and equip attendees with practical guidance that they can put into practice the next day.

Purchase tickets today at midmich.edu/leadercast.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit midmich.edu/leadercast or contact Lori Fassett at lfassett1@midmich.edu or (989) 386-6692.

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