Mid Michigan College, Clare County Michigan State University Extension and 4-H, and Jay's Sporting Goods are partnering to offer a free event for local families.

The Winter Outdoor Family Adventure is open to families with youth 5 to 19 years of age. This free self-paced experience for families encourages participants to enjoy the great outdoors, take part in winter activities, and learn about the many different aspects of Michigan winters.

Families will participate as household teams, complete winter-themed missions, and share their progress with other participants on GooseChase, a scavenger hunt-like app.

Missions can be completed any time from Friday, February 19 through Sunday, February 21. Families can participate from home, cabin, cottage, the campground, or wherever they may be during this time! All that's needed for this program is a smart phone or tablet with a camera and internet connectivity.

Families can expect to learn about and or participate in the following activities: snowshoeing, cross country skiing, fat tire biking, outdoor cooking, trapping, ice fishing, winter crafts, winter mammals, and winter activities like building a snowman and making a snow angel.

Preregistration is required.

Teams may be eligible for prizes based on their point levels in the app.

Before completing this registration, each team needs to download the GooseChase app at https://www.goosechase.com/download/ and set up an account. The username that you choose for your team will need to be given at the time of registration. Teams that do not have usernames that match their registration and the GooseChase app may be ineligible for prizes.

Note that the registration is formatted as families participating together as a team, however, if there are youth age 13+ that would like to participate individually, they are welcome to do so. Youth age 12 and younger must have a parent or guardian register them on GooseChase.

Hosted by Clare County Michigan State University Extension and 4-H, Jay's Sporting Goods, and Mid Michigan College.

To learn more about the Winter Outdoor Family Adventure contact Lifelong Learning at (989) 386-6651 or lifelonglearning@midmich.edu.

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