In an effort to help students gain access to financial aid and begin or continue their college education, Mid is offering to help students submit their FAFSA and address any other financial aid concerns—no matter where they plan to attend college.

Students and their parents are welcome to schedule an appointment for assistance. Complete scheduling details can be found at

Students and their parents should prepare for their appointment by having an FSA ID for both parties, and access to their 2021 Federal Tax return and W2s.

The FAFSA is important for college-goers as it determines eligibility for federal student aid, including low-cost loans, grants, and work-study opportunities. The FAFSA may also determine eligibility for state and local aid programs. Anyone who plans to attend college should submit the FAFSA, and the sooner the better as it takes a minimum of a few weeks to set up financial aid for new students.

For more information about attending college and financial aid, visit or contact Mid’s Financial Aid team by emailing or calling (989) 386-6664.

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