As of 3/23/2020 at 11:59PM, the College will not allow any building access for three weeks, in accordance with the Statewide Stay-at-Home mandate. This applies to all campus sites and buildings. Correspondingly, students will no longer have access to any College technology or computer labs.

There are few exceptions for employees. Those who fall under the mandate's provision that they provide necessary basic operations (including processing payroll) and allow the College to maintain its facility and security, will be allowed limited entry. These employees should only be in a College building for the minimum amount of time required to complete their work.

Campus security, which occurs through separate contracts with the local sheriff's offices and STT Services will remain on duty.

We’re still here for you! Get assistance through virtual resources and services.

Please be assured that Mid is responding as quickly and decisively as possible during rapidly-changing circumstances. The health and wellbeing of our campus and local communities are top priorities.

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