Collaboration is defined as the action of working with someone to produce or create something.

“Mid emphasizes collaboration across the College, and I truly believe that we are stronger and smarter together,” stated President, Christine Hammond. “Collaborations like this yield projects that would never have been possible without multiple perspectives and creative cooperation.”

Eric Sander, CAD/Product Design Faculty, Sandy Jones, Biology Lab Technician, Dr. Deborah Claypool, Biology Instructor, and Elijah Zuker, CAD/Product Design Student, all recently collaborated on a project that involved various disciplines and expertise.

“Sandy contacted our department to see if we could 3D scan and then 3D print an inner ear model that Dr. Claypool uses when teaching her students,” noted Sander.

“The model is frequently dropped and broken during the course, and replacement models are very expensive which made this project even more important,” said Jones.

Sander and Zuker took on the task, and proceeded to apply their skills and innovative problem-solving to re-produce the model. They scanned the existing model, edited the scanned data, and exported the appropriate files to the 3D printer. The model was then 3D printed and delivered to Jones who plans to complete the work by painting additional details on to the model.

"I am always looking for product design opportunities outside of class for my students. We learn a great deal in class throughout my CAD Program at Mid, but projects like this allow my students to apply classroom knowledge to unique real-world applications,” explained Sander.

“I gained experience working and communicating with customers, which is key in my future career,” shared Zuker.

“Sandy was very enthusiastic about working with us, and was very patient as Elijah and I continued to learn new things about the 3D scanner that we recently purchased. Elijah, Sandy, and I enjoyed the process and are happy with the results," said Sander.

For more information about Mid’s CAD and Biology programs, visit or contact Admissions at or (989) 386-6661.

Collaborative Learning at Mid
Collaborative Learning at Mid
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