Why Give to MMCC?

Higher education changes lives.

We hear story after story about students who came to MMCC with a hope and a dream and left with a degree and a job. Maybe you were one of those students. Or perhaps you know someone who was. Either way, there are very few people in the central Michigan area that Mid Michigan Community College hasn't touched.

Unfortunately, as the cost of living rises and the economy slumps, students find it increasingly difficult to make the financial commitment to attend college. That's why we're asking you to consider supporting a student who is working toward a dream.

Impact Students
The MMCC Foundation funds life-changing programs, scholarships, and college initiatives.

Strengthen Your Community
Contributions to the Foundation benefit the entire community and its economy. Community colleges change lives by making higher education available to everyone.

Live Your Values
Charitable giving is not only a way to share what we have, but to become who we are.

Earn Tax Advantages
Donations to the MMCC Foundation may qualify you for significant federal and state tax savings. Click here for more information.

Public Support Falls Short
Per student funding from the State is the lowest it's been in 20 years. In addition, MMCC receives the lowest amount of property tax revenue per FYE student of any community college in the state.
-MMCC receives $911/FYE student in property tax revenue
-State average is $3,558/FYES

Without the generosity and support of its community, MMCC would not be able to maintain its commitment to provide educational and community leadership to its students.

Take this opportunity to impact the life of a student.

Click here to make a gift.

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