Planned Giving

Become a member of the Laker Legacy Society with a planned gift to positively impact the future of the College and our students.

You can positively impact future generations through a simple act--add a bequest or gift to the Mid Foundation in your will or retirement plan.

As a Laker Legacy Society member, you demonstrate a commitment to education and the belief that developing knowledge and ability can transform lives.

Sunset How to Set Up Planned Giving

Simply let us know - it's that easy!

Donations and/or earmarking your most highly-taxable assets can benefit your loved ones financially.


Leave Mid a specific amount, percentage of your estate, or part of what remains after providing for loved ones. A bequest can be easily added to an existing will with a codicil or amendment.

Life Insurance

Name the Mid Michigan College Foundation as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or contribute a policy that is no longer needed.

Retirement Plans

Using retirement accounts could offer heirs significant tax savings.

Annuities and Trusts
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Charitable Lead Trust
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Pooled Income Fund

Share your Personal Preferences

  • Join anonymously or choose to be recognized.
  • Include details about how you would like your gift to benefit the College and Mid students, using our designation opportunities listed below.

Designation Opportunities

Lakers Academic Fund

This fund supports academic scholarships, new program development, faculty advancement, and current program improvements, including related facilities and equipment.

Funding examples may include:

  • Improved classrooms, lab equipment and tools
  • New technology for enriched learning
  • Funding faculty research and professional development opportunities
  • Scholarships

Lakers Athletic Fund

This fund supports the athletics programs at Mid Michigan College, including associated equipment and uniforms, athletic and training facilities, coaching staff, and players.

Funding examples may include:

  • Sports equipment and uniform purchases
  • Facility or grounds improvements related to athletics
  • Professional development for coaches
  • Support services for players

Lakers Leadership Fund

This fund supports additional College activities that promote Mid’s mission to advance access to education and to support students in improving their lives through meaningful skill and scholarly attainment.

Funding examples may include:

  • Student support programs such as Academic Advising and Mid Mentoring
  • Global and domestic travel initiatives that promote cultural awareness
  • Student wellness offerings, including counseling and social awareness programs
  • Funds for students in crisis situations, Veterans resources and the College food pantry
  • Outreach and intervention strategies to promote student success
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Planned Giving Frequently Asked Questions

If I choose to join the Lakers Legacy Society with the Mid Foundation, do I have to reveal the amount of my bequest or gift?

Absolutely not. We’d appreciate knowing, but the choice to tell us the amount of your gift is entirely up to you and/or your family.

How do I let you know I’ve made a bequest, so I can join the Lakers Legacy Society?

It’s easy! Once you’ve added the Mid Michigan College Foundation to your estate plans contact Alexa Carey, Director of Alumni Engagement at (989) 386-6622 x183,

Is it easy to add a charitable gift to my will?

Yes. It’s simple. A short phone call or meeting with your lawyer should be sufficient.

Does my gift have to be cash?

No. You have several options in addition to cash:

  • Physical assests such as a house or property
  • Financial investments such as stocks, bonds, or certificates of deposit
  • A life insurance policy or retirement plan

How long will my gift keep helping my community?

Forever. Plus your initial gift will grow over time, as will the amounts given in your name each year to the designation of your choice.

Contact the Mid Foundation today!

Contact Alexa Carey, Director of Alumni Engagement at (989) 386-6622 x183, with questions about leaving a legacy at Mid.

Gifts made to endowed funds are invested and managed by the Foundation's Investment Committee. They are guided by professional investment managers and work within the bounds of the Investment and Distribution Policy.

Other Ways to Give


Funds can be set up to provide for a number of vital needs including scholarships, technology, capital improvements, cultural offerings, and more. They can also be named for individuals, companies, or in memory or honor of a loved one.

To provide a meaningful level of investment income, the minimum funding level for an endowment is $10,000, which must be reached within three years of the date the fund is established.


Establishing a scholarship is an easy and rewarding process. While there are exceptions, you can establish a named scholarship if you intend to provide at least $1,000 for your scholarship over each of the next three years. Otherwise, you can also donate to an existing scholarship that matches your interests.

Why give to the Mid Foundation?

Impact Students

The Mid Michigan College Foundation funds life-changing programs, scholarships, and college initiatives that helps students expand their horizons and achieve their goals.

Strengthen Your Community

Contributions to the Foundation benefit the entire community and its economy. Community colleges change lives by making higher education available to everyone.

Live Your Values

Charitable giving is not only a way to share what we have, but to become who we are.

Earn Tax Advantages

Donations to the Mid Foundation may qualify you for significant federal and state tax savings.

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