Preparing for a bright future.

The Mid Michigan College Foundation’s Students of Promise program promotes cultural awareness, academic achievement, higher education, and social development to academically promising students who face significant challenges in their lives.

Up to twenty-five 7th grade students from local schools are nominated and selected for the program each year. These students participate in the program through graduation from high school.

The students are encouraged to reach their highest potential through activities and opportunities that broaden their horizons, expose them to higher education, and allow them to interact with positive role models.

Program Objectives

  • Serve students with high academic potential who face challenges in their lives.
  • Help students realize their potential.
  • Broaden the students' horizons and expose them to cultural diversity.
  • Encourage higher education as it relates to each student's goals.

Program Participants

  • Students are selected in the 7th grade and remain in the program through graduation.
  • Selection is based on program appropriateness, school recommendations, socioeconomic criteria, and academic potential.
  • At least four students are selected from each participating school district.

Program Activities

  • Cultural, academic, and social experiences. Detroit Institute of Arts, Henry Ford Museum, etc.
  • Exposure to Mid Michigan College and campus activities. Sit in on classes, shadow students, tour programs, and participate in training.
  • In-school advising and mentoring by Mid students, faculty, and staff.

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