Inclement Weather Cancellations

Inclement Weather and Campus Closure Information

On rare occasions, Mid Michigan College may cancel courses, activities, and events due to severe weather conditions. See below for Mid's campus closure information.

Mid’s Inclement Weather and Course Cancellation Procedure (PDF, 2017 update)


When the weather is not favorable for travel, a few different actions may be taken by college officials:

  • The college may remain open
  • The college may cancel courses, activities, and events with services remaining open for business
  • The college may delay the start of classes and services
  • The college may cancel courses, activities, events, and services for the day

Key Points

  • With no on-campus housing, students must travel to attend courses.
  • Weather conditions can vary widely across the College's service area.
  • Travel decisions must be the responsibility of each student after assessing the road conditions in their area, the condition of their vehicle, and their driving skills.
  • The College does not encourage students to take unnecessary risks in order to attend courses.
  • Mid Michigan College does not close as readily as public schools.
  • We are training many of our students for the workplace. If weather conditions permit them to travel to work, they will also be expected to travel to school.
  • Cancelling one or two courses because of inclement weather may compromise the overall quality of a course. Students who feel they have been unfairly treated due to weather-related absences should contact their instructor, instructional director or dean, and then the president, in that order.

Making the Determination

The process of determining action in response to inclement weather begins before 3am. In choosing an action, Mid Michigan College administration considers several factors

  • Can the parking lots be kept plowed for access?
  • Are law enforcement officials requesting that travel be limited?
  • Are local businesses closing?
  • What are current weather conditions and forecasts for the area?

The decision to close the College or cancel courses, activities, and events is communicated via the College's website, social media channels, local radio stations, and television stations by 6am. Evening cancellations are announced by 4pm.


A few local radio and television stations are notified when Mid issues delays or cancellations. However, the most accurate source of information is the College's website, This is updated as soon as a decision is made.


You may also sign up to receive updates, announcements, and emergency notices from Mid via text message, email, or phone call. It's easy and FREE to sign up (text messaging rates apply). Visit to sign up today.


In the event the College has a "delayed" start time due to weather conditions, the courses, activities, or events normally held during that time are cancelled.

For example, if courses, activities, or events are cancelled until 10am, and you have an 8:30am-10am course, it would be cancelled for that day.

However, if your course does not fit neatly into the College's delayed time announcement, the following policy will be followed:

If there is at least 50 minutes (an instructional hour) of course time remaining, the course would meet beginning at the delayed time. For example, if the College cancels courses until 10am and your course runs from 9am-Noon, that course would still meet from 10am-Noon. Only the first hour would be missed.

However, that same course would not meet at all if courses were cancelled until 11:30am, since there would be less than 50 minutes (an instructional hour) of course time remaining.

If you have any questions as to whether your course, activity, or event will be meeting on a "delayed" start day, contact your instructor or activity/event organizer.

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