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56,000 Square Ft. Office Building for Sale

Former Mid Michigan Community College Building

Mid Michigan College’s former campus at 5805 E. Pickard Street in Mt. Pleasant, MI is currently for sale with an asking price of $1.5 million.

Purchased by Mid in 1993, the building served as the college’s main campus in Mt. Pleasant for over 20 years. Prior to that, the building served as an office building. With an open floor plan, and a number of updates, the building is ready and waiting for a new owner.

Site Data

  • Union township, Isabella County, Michigan
  • Northwest quadrant of the intersection
  • 999.75 feet of frontage along E. Pickard Road (M‐20)
  • 346.47 feet along Summerton Road
  • Union Township Parcel Numbers: 14‐012‐40‐002‐01 and 14‐012‐40‐007‐07
  • 10.34 acres
  • Serviced by customary municipal utilities including natural gas, electricity, water, storm and sanitary sewer
  • Single three‐lane ingress/egress drive located along E. Pickard Road (M‐20)
  • Approximately 500 asphalt parking spots available on site
  • Flood Zone X (outside 100‐500 year flood plain)
  • Zoning: B‐7 Retail and Service Highway Business District
  • Irrigation system around building

Building Improvements

  • Built in 1984 with interior reconfiguration and remodeling completed in 1995 and 1999
  • Height: 36’ to roof deck
  • Foundation: 4” reinforced concrete slab foundation with poured concrete foundation walls on poured trench footings
  • Frame: steel
  • Exterior walls: combination of metal‐framed banks of insulated glass panels and extruding bands and columns of EFIS‐faced metal sheathing, rigid insulation panels and metal stud wall
  • Insulation: built into the wall and roof construction consisting of a combination of rigid panels in both walls and roof and EFIS on portions of the walls
  • Roof: 15 year old “inverted” roof system over 3’ metal pan deck and W14/16 steel I‐beam horizontal trusses. Includes rigid insulation panels and a rubber exterior membrane. Has an extensive sun‐roof system located over the open atrium space of the interior.
  • Elevator updated in 2007

Mechanical Equipment

  • HVAC: 2 complementary heating/cooling systems. 2 new boiler units installed in 2006. 4 roof‐top ACU’s; 3 were replaced in 2007
  • Plumbed to service multiple restrooms and counter‐top sinks on all 3 floors.
  • Electrical: primary electrical supply consisting of 150 KVA transformer with 1200‐amp, 480/277 volt, 3‐phase, 4‐wire main disconnect.
  • Fire protection: 100% equipped with a wet sprinkler fire protection system that works with a central interior air evacuation system to remove smoke rapidly. Fire hydrant in front of building.

For More Information

Please contact Lillian Frick at for more information about this building.

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