What Annexation Means For Your School District

School districts that pass annexation will see significant savings for local students, positive impacts in their community, and the opportunity to serve on the College's Board of Trustees.


School District Estimated Tuition Savings*
Alma $540,144
Ashley $21,824
Beal City $196,416
Breckenridge $98,208
Chippewa Hills $240,064
Fulton $21,824
Ithaca $180,048
Mt. Pleasant $1,975,072
Shepherd $338,272
St. Louis $130,944

Based on 2019-2020 Enrollment Levels

*Not including dual enrolled students. Savings estimated based on the cost of an associate degree.

Students Choose Mid More Often!

School District % of Students Who Choose to Attend Mid Students Second Most Popular Choice
Alma 17% 10% Alma College
Ashley 17% 11% Alma College
Beal City 31% 10% CMU
Breckenridge 17% 9% Alma
Chippewa Hills 21% 9% CMU
Fulton 4% 9% LCC
Ithaca 24% 7% CMU
Mt. Pleasant 22% 19% CMU
Shepherd 15% 11% CMU
St. Louis 16% 10% CMU

Based on 2019-2020 Enrollment Levels

Lowers tuition costs to the in-district rate for students residing in these areas

For 2020-2021, that would lower tuition by 40% for students living in these school districts, from $220/contact hour to $132/contact hour. Full-time students taking 30 contact hours a year would pay $2,640 less than they are currently.

Because residents from these areas comprise the largest segment of the College's students, the total savings from annexation would be sizable. Based on current student counts, the savings would total over $3.7 Million collectively for residents of these school districts each year on the cost of an associate degree.

Your tax dollars have a positive impact on the lives of your family, friends, and neighbors.

  • For every dollar spent educating students at Mid, taxpayers receive an average return of $5.50 or 12.5%!
  • Over 1,100 students live within the 10 school districts voting on annexation attend Mid.
  • Students in these districts often choose Mid as their college destination--in fact, Mid is the top choice for college by high school students in 9 out of 10 of these districts. (Students from Fulton Schools tend to head south for college.)
  • Mid serves over 1,200 high school students each year as they earn college credits through dual enrollment.
  • Mid is proud of our nearly 700 health science graduates and trainees who are working to keep you safe and healthy throughout mid-Michigan. (Student counts from the previous three years.)
  • Over 4,100 nursing and healthcare graduates have earned over 5,400 credentials from Mid. Many continue to serve the mid-Michigan region as healthcare providers.

Provides College governance opportunities

Despite serving over 1,100 students from Isabella, Gratiot, and Chippewa Hills, residents from these areas have no current representation on the College's Board of Trustees. Annexation to the College's district would invite residents from school districts who approve annexation to run for election to this leadership and governance body.

How Annexation Impacts Michigan Reconnect Program Eligibility

Michigan Reconnect is a new State of Michigan sponsored scholarship program that covers in-district tuition and some fees for eligible adults at Mid Michigan College who want to pursue an associate or technical degree. Learn more about Michigan Reconnect.

  • In order to be eligible for Michigan Reconnect, adults must be between the ages of 25 and 64, have a high school diploma or equivalent, have been a Michigan resident for one year, and have not completed a college degree.
Over 21,650 individuals are eligible for Reconnect in Gratiot County, Over 24,100 in Isabella County, and Over 18,000 in Mecosta County -- many of these individuals would benefit from the passing of annexation in their local school districts, which would result in significant savings on tuition at Mid.

Michigan Reconnect pays the remaining balance of in-district tuition and mandatory fees after other state and federal financial aid awards have been applied. This means that students residing in Mid Michigan College's in-district service area can attend with little to no tuition costs.

Students who take advantage of the Michigan Reconnect program but do not live in Mid's in-district service area, will pay the difference between in and out district tuition. These students still receive a significant reduction in tuition cost, but they could experience even more savings if their school district successfully passes annexation.

If you are a college student or parent of a college student...
  • Annexation would lead to a 40% reduction in tuition.
If you own a business...
  • For every $1 invested in higher education, $5.50 are returned to the community, and more accessible education and training would likely lead to a larger career-ready workforce.
If you are a community member...
  • Mid offers lifelong learning classes, free family friendly activities, College governance opportunities, and our graduates serve your communities, helping you stay healthy and active.

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