The College Council

Advises the President on matters related to the mission and goals of the College. The Council’s function is to assist the President in planning for the future of the College, to work collectively toward the achievement of the College’s enduring strategic goals, to advise the President on matters of administrative policy and practice, and to ensure institutional effectiveness in all of the College’s endeavors. 


  • Amy Lince (Note taker)
  • Anthony Freds
  • Christine Hammond (Chair)
  • Greg Sieszputowski
  • Jason Armstrong
  • Jennifer Fager
  • Jessie Gordon
  • Judy Crawford
  • Julia David
  • Kim Barnes
  • Lillian Frick
  • Lori Fassett
  • Lucy Andarcia
  • Martin Stack
  • Matt Miller
  • Myles Conroy
  • Peter Velguth
  • Robert Elmore
  • Rylie Alward
  • Scott Govitz
  • Scott Mertes
  • Tamara Smith
  • Tracy Mikel


  • President
  • VP of Academic Services
  • VP of Student and Community Relations
  • VP of Finance and Administration
  • Chief Information and Organizational Development Officer
  • Executive Assistant to the President and Board of Trustees
  • Executive Director of Human Resources
  • Executive Director of Economic and Workforce Development
  • Executive Dean of Student and Academic Support Services
  • Chair of the Academic Council
  • Chair of the Directors’ Council
  • Representative of the Full-time Faculty
  • Representative of Support Staff Personnel
  • Representative of the Student Body

Focus 2016-17:

  • Encourage leadership across the College
  • Engage with and encourage committees, councils, and departments for effective shared governance
  • Keep the focus on student learning and community connections
  • Monitor progress toward Vision 2020
  • Nudge committees and their members toward productive and active engagement.


Will meet prior to and at the end of each semester and monthly during the semester.

Documents, Forms, and Meeting Minutes

Committee Documentation [Requires Login]

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