Mid Green

Description: Assesses campus climate and its inclusion, diversity, and equity efforts in order to make recommendations to internal and external stakeholders to foster positive change.


Focus 2019-20:

  • Determine best assessment strategies for current campus climate; identify and recommend appropriate actions


  • Meets once each month with days and times to be determined by members.

Documents, Forms, and Meeting Minutes

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Mid Green Projects

Recycling Program


Drinking Fountains

Pollinator Project

Due to a loss of habitat, the eastern Monarch population has declined by 90% and other pollinators are experiencing a decline as well. Bees, which pollinate one third of the world's food crops, have declined 50% in recent decades. However, these alarming declines have sparked conservation programs across the nation to take action. Mid Michigan College and the Department of Natural Resources collaborated to create a Pollinator Project on Mid's Mt. Pleasant Campus. Learn more about Mid's Pollinator project and see updates!

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