Council of Chairs and Deans

Works collaboratively with the VP of Academic Services to set the agenda for governance activities related to student success and assigns topics to various other governance units. 


  • Amy Fisher
  • Barb Wieszciecinski
  • Bob Elmore
  • Dave Kedrowski
  • Jennifer Fager (Chair)
  • Jordan Webster
  • Lucy Andarcia
  • Matt Miller
  • Rick Smith
  • Shawn Troy
  • Steve Amidon


  • The Chair of the Academic Council
  • The Chair of the Assessment Committee
  • The Chair of the Curriculum and Academic
  • Standards Committee
  • The Chair of the General Education Committee 
  • The Chair of Co-curricular Advisory Council
  • Academic Deans (4)
  • Vice President of Academic Services
Focus 2016-17:
  • Foster collaboration between committees
  • Review and address remaining HLC recommendations
  • Identify results metrics for continuous improvement
  • Faculty recruitment and hiring for 2017-19 – needs and strategies
  • Begin planning for 2018 HLC visit. Prepare for Strategies Forum.
  • Leadership succession and improvement

Meets prior to, in the middle, and at the end of each semester.

Documents, Forms, and Meeting Minutes

Committee Documentation [Requires Login]

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