Co-curricular Advisory Committee

Considers matters related to the co-curricular experiences of students, including matters such as academic advising, retention and completion strategies, financial aid, transportation, etc.


  • Amy Dykhouse
  • Bruce Yuille
  • Jason Armstrong
  • Jason Howard
  • Karry Kiste-Toner
  • Kelli Butler
  • Mario Garcia-Wells
  • Marisa Enos
  • Matt Miller (Chair)
  • Rebecca Knickmeier
  • Robert Tefft
  • Tammy Alvaro
  • Theresa Borawski


  • Vice President of Student & Community Relations
  • 3 Faculty representatives
  • 1 Financial Aid representative
  • 2 Student Services representatives
  • Coordinator of Student Advancement
  • 3 Student representatives
Focus 2016-17:
  • Identification and mapping of the co-curricular student experience
  • Strategies for encouraging career and advanced study exploration
  • Development of a career center
  • Mental and Physical Health initiatives
  • Support Veteran enrollment and completion
  • Develop assessment plan for co-curricular efforts

Meets twice each month with days and times to be determined by members.

Documents, Forms, and Meeting Minutes

Committee Documentation [Requires Login]

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