Campus Safety and Security Committee

Considers, recommends, and implements strategies regarding campus safety and security. Incorporates, as needed, individuals on the College’s Emergency Response Team. 


  • Al Ayers
  • Barb Wieszciecinski
  • Bill Whitman
  • Char Keel
  • Deb Claypool
  • Greg Sieszputowski
  • Jeremy Carrier
  • Kim Barnes (Chair)
  • Kirk Lehr
  • Lillian Frick
  • Marilee Kujat
  • Matt Miller
  • Nick Blackmer
  • Tricia Farrell
  • Valiant Bondie
  • Zach McBride


  • Executive Dean of Student and Academic Support Services
  • 2 Faculty
  • Campus Building Managers
  • 2 Custodians – night shift and Mt. Pleasant campus
  • Representative of Student and Community Relations Office
  • Director of Facilities
  • Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Director of Nursing
  • Director of Information Technology
  • Lab Science Coordinator
  • Homeland Security Representative
  • STT Representative
  • HR Training Coordinator
  • 2 Student representatives 

Focus 2016-17:

  • Audit campus safety equipment and procedures
  • Assist in the successful integration of Whelan Security into the campus
  • Provide regular training on safety and security issues
  • Student Safety
  • Felony Issues


Meets twice each month with days and times to be determined by members.

Documents, Forms, and Meeting Minutes

Committee Documentation [Requires Login]

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