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Monday, January 16, 5-7pm, Harrison Campus, Auditorium

The Odd Couple

A divorced slob invites a group of the boys over for cards. One of the guests, who happens to be very meticulous and tense, has just been separated from his wife. The slob and the neat-freak decide to share one apartment; but patterns of their own disastrous marriages begin to reappear with hilarious results.


  • Oscar Madison: A slovenly, recently divorced sportswriter.
  • Felix Ungar: A fastidious, hypochondriac news-writer (photographer in the television series) whose marriage is ending.
  • Murray: A NYPD policeman, one of Oscar and Felix's poker buddies.
  • Speed: One of the poker buddies. Gruff and sarcastic, often picking on Vinnie and Murray.
  • Vinnie: One of the poker buddies. Vinnie is mild-mannered and henpecked, making him an easy target for Speed's verbal barbs.
  • Roy: One of the poker buddies. Oscar's accountant. Roy has a dry wit but is less acerbic than Speed.
  • Cecily and Gwendolyn Pigeon: Oscar and Felix's giggly upstairs neighbors, a pair of English sisters. The former is a divorcée, the latter a widow.

If you would like audition materials, please contact Brent at: bdonahue@midmich.edu

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