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Harrison Campus Renovations

We are excited to celebrate the re-opening of the Harrison classroom building! We hope that you enjoy these beautiful new spaces that also make Mid one of the most energy-efficient community colleges in the State.

As we settle in for the term, please be aware of the following.

  • We have final inspections taking place today and tomorrow, which will restrict student and employee access in certain areas of the remodeled building. During this time, we will post signs alerting you to restricted areas and any rescheduled rooms that result. *See classroom reassignments below.
  • Tuesday’s State Fire Inspection will require intermittent power outages and testing the alarm system. There will be no need to evacuate the building during those tests. Thank you for your attention and patience.
  • Rooms have been renumbered. We have posted maps and temporary room numbers to assist you, and there will be greeters at each entrance during the first few days.
  • Furniture installation will continue as spaces become available. All classroom spaces, including the Active Learning Center and Zoom Rooms will be ready to go when final inspections are completed.
  • The Laker Cafe will offer food and beverages when the remaining café equipment is installed later this month.
  • The elevator is also scheduled for installation by month’s end. Until then, please allow sufficient time to use the appropriate entrance, as noted on this map.
  • Late in the project, the construction crew discovered some unforeseen modifications that needed to be made in the library area. For now, library and learning services, safety and security, and some faculty offices are available in temporary locations. These are indicated on the map. These improvements are being made this month. When complete, the library will also have new carpeting and furniture to create a welcoming and effective place for study. We apologize for the inconvenience in the interim.

*Monday and Tuesday courses scheduled in Harrison 238 and 239 have been relocated to allow for building inspections. Below are details for these classroom changes.

Monday, January 13
  • HUM 102 from 239 to 277
  • ENG 110 from 239 to 209
  • ENG 222 from 239 to 262 (Chem Lab)
  • BUS 151 from 238 to 253
  • MAT 170 from 239 to 263 (Bio Lab)
Tuesday, January 14
  • BUS 162 from 238 to 253
  • MAT 212 from 238 to 263 (Bio Lab)
  • HUM 200 from 239 to 248

Again welcome back to Mid!

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Look for College representatives at any time during the semester. We're happy to help you with any questions. During Welcome Week we will be stationed at campus entrances and we'll be at the ready with helpful information, quick answers, and free snacks. (YUM!)

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Harrison Campus Entrances

Elevator access is currently unavailable, please use the entrances and their related services listed below.

WEST SOAR Center Entrance

  • Student Services, Admissions, Advising & Mentoring, Registration & Records, Cashier, Library, Math Lab, IT & Help Desk, Faculty Offices, Business Services, Administration

EAST Entrance

  • 2nd Floor Access for Students
  • Health Sciences & Science Labs, Welding Lab, Classrooms, Faculty Offices, Writing & Reading Center, Testing Center

New SOUTH Entrances

  • Opening Soon!

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Campus Cupboard Food Pantry

  • Both Campuses
  • Simple, Easy Online Ordering
  • Receive up to 10 items per week

Career Center

  • Mt. Pleasant Campus | Doan 109
  • Career Selection
  • Resume Building
  • Interview Skills
  • Job Search & Internships

Library & Learning Services

  • Library & Research Services
  • Math & Science Centers
  • Supplemental Instruction
  • Public Speaking Center
  • Tutoring & Testing Services
  • Writing & Reading Center

Student Wellness

  • The Nest Resource Center
  • Safe Zone Ally Program
  • Mid Crew Recovery Program
  • Transportation Resources
  • Young Adult Grief Support Group

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Campus Life

Laker Athletics and Laker Life offer you many fun and exciting ways to get involved on campus.
  • 8 Varsity Athletic Teams
  • 2 Club Sports: Hockey & Soccer
  • Over 10 Student Groups
  • Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society
  • Laker Life Council
  • Check out upcoming events and visit Mid's Facebook Page for updates!
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