Alert: Tornado Procedures and Maps

In the event that a serious crime, natural disaster, or man-made emergency occurs that poses a threat to the health and safety of the college community or a segment of the community, the College would assess the situation and issue timely warnings or emergency notifications and associated security modes.

Individuals should become familiar with the various security modes and the procedures associated with each.

Tornado Procedures & Safety Information

Although tornadoes can strike at any time, they usually occur in the spring and summer. They may develop from severe thunderstorms. Considered nature’s most violent and erratic storm, they consist of whirling winds that can reach up to 300 miles per hour. Tornadoes can sweep through an area, causing serious damage and destruction in their path; then change direction and strike again. In addition to injuries, structural damage, electrical shorts, and gas leaks may create fires or other hazards. Time is critical. There may only be seconds to respond. Therefore, it is very important that College community members be familiar with tornado procedures, review them regularly, and participate in tornado drills when administered.

Tornado Watch

A Tornado Watch occurs when weather conditions are considered favorable for the development of a tornado; for example, during a thunderstorm. ●

When a Tornado Watch is issued, the campus community should:

  • Monitor local weather reports
  • Visit the Safety and Security Tornado Procedure webpage
  • Stay connected with Campus Security, as well as the College’s ‘incident-update’ webpage
  • Review the Mid Emergency Plans/Maps (located in classroom and hallways) for designated tornado shelter areas
  • Be prepared to act should conditions change and a Tornado Warning is issued

Tornado Warning

A Tornado Warning occurs when a tornado has been sighted or identified by radar in the area. Persons should take shelter immediately. Tornadoes can develop and move quickly. If severe thunderstorms should occur, be alert to the fact that a thunderstorm may possibly trigger a tornado.

When a Tornado Warning is issued by Public Safety Officials or the National Weather Service, a message will come over the phone/PA system advising of the warning and if time permits, a message will be sent through the College’s emergency notification system.

Individuals on campus should:

  • Move to the closest designated shelter area
  • Provide assistance to persons with disabilities
  • Remain in the designated shelter area until an ‘All Clear’ has been issued
  • If people are outside when a tornado occurs and are unable to take shelter, they should lie flat in a ditch or depression and protect their head; avoid large trees, metal poles and other electrical conductors; vehicles should not be used as shelter


  • A Tornado Watch indicates conditions that may result in a tornado.
  • A Tornado Warning indicates that a tornado is actually spotted in the area, and people should take shelter.

(Updated JULY 2022)

Emergency Maps by Campus

Harrison Campus Emergency Maps

Mt. Pleasant Campus Emergency Maps

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