Alert: Campus Evacuation

In the event that a serious crime, natural disaster, or man-made emergency occurs that poses a threat to the health and safety of the college community or a segment of the community, the College would assess the situation and issue timely warnings or emergency notifications and associated security modes.

Individuals should become familiar with the various security modes and the procedures associated with each.

Evacuation Instructions

In the event that an incident necessitates campus evacuation, anyone inside a campus building should:

  • Immediately find the nearest exit and leave the campus(es)' grounds. Exit in your vehicle if you have one, and if possible, assist others who do not have transportation. If you do not have transportation, exit grounds on foot.
  • Follow any instructions received through Mid's emergency alert systems or phone/PA systems.
  • Assist disabled individuals with exiting the building and do not use elevators.
  • Close all windows and doors as rooms are cleared.
  • Follow the directions of campus security, administration, appointed personnel and/or the responding agencies/authorities.
  • Remain off campus until an ALL CLEAR is issued.
  • If you are currently off campus, do not approach campus until an ALL CLEAR is issued.
  • If you know of others who are planning to travel to campus, alert them of the situation.
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