Confirmed COVID-19 Cases: Management, Communication and Tracking

Mid Michigan College is committed to proactively addressing any cases of COVID-19 that are reported to us. Below, you'll find information about how the College handles positive cases.

COVID-19 Exposure Guidelines

These are general guidelines for those who are not fully vaccinated and have been knowingly exposed to COVID-19. If you have questions that fall outside these parameters or are unusual in nature, contact Tricia Farrell, Director of College Compliance & Ethics, at (989) 386-6622 x394 or to work through your situation.

Mid recommends that individuals who are NOT fully vaccinated and have been knowingly exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, get tested for COVID-19, remain off campus while awaiting test results, and complete a COVID-19 Self Report Form.

Waiting for COVID-19 test results
  • STUDENTS should contact their instructors regarding attendance and coursework alternatives.
  • EMPLOYEES should contact their supervisor.
If your test result is NEGATIVE
  • You may return to campus and resume previously scheduled courses and activities.
If your test result is POSITIVE
  • Mid recommends following the advice of your healthcare provider, local health department, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.
  • STUDENTS should contact their instructors regarding attendance and coursework alternatives.
  • EMPLOYEES should contact their supervisor.

Managing and Communicating About Positive Cases

The COVID-19 Self-Report Form above allows the College to proactively respond to positive cases or those cases pending testing results.

When alerted to a case of an employee or student who tests positive for COVID-19, Mid Michigan College will work with the Central Michigan District Health Department on the case, initiate contact tracing, and send information to those who have had direct interactions with those individuals testing positive while engaged in College-sponsored activities.

You will be contacted only if you are identified through contact tracing as having been in an in-person course with someone testing positive for COVID-19 OR if you have been identified as having close contact with that individual in a College-sponsored function. If you are not identified as falling within one of those categories, you have no special precautions to take and will not be contacted. Mid Michigan College may assign particular operational steps based on the circumstances of each positive case, and those steps will also be communicated to anyone affected by them.

Mid will not send a campus-wide communication each time a positive case occurs. Positive cases will be tracked and updated weekly on this page.

The local public health department may contact an employee's supervisor if further contact tracing of the COVID-19 positive individual is needed; however, the actual test result and all other protected health information will not be disclosed.

Individuals on campus who are not symptomatic, but would like to be tested can find testing sites at the Michigan COVID-19 Test Finder. If you test positive for COVID-19, you should immediately complete the form above.

Confirmed New Cases by Week

To maintain the privacy of our College community, Mid limits the information we share about any positive cases of COVID-19. Weekly updates about new COVID-19 positive cases will be shared throughout the current semester. Case reporting will include our faculty, staff, students, and individuals who were in our facilities or at College-sponsored events during their exposure risk period.

Fall 2020 Total Reported Cases June 15 - January 3 | 40
Winter 2021 Total Reported Cases January 4 - May 16 | 40
Summer 2021 Total Reported Cases May 17 - August 29 | 3
Fall 2021 Total Reported Cases August 20 - December 12 | 48
January 10 - January 16
10 10

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