Smoke & Tobacco-Free Policy

As of August 2013, Mid Michigan College has been smoke and tobacco free. Smoking, the use of any smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes is prohibited within or outside of all college facilities, vehicles or grounds owned, leased or operated by the College.

Mid is committed to promoting a healthy and clean work and learning environment and in an effort to reduce involuntary exposure to secondhand smoke the college does not provide any designated smoking areas. However, students, staff and visitors may continue to smoke or use tobacco products within their own personal vehicles when working or visiting any Mid campus location. All materials used for smoking in personal vehicles shall be extinguished and disposed of in appropriate containers. Violations of this policy are subject to disciplinary action including but not limited to verbal warnings, written warnings, and fines.

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Why is Mid smoke and tobacco free?

In an effort to maintain the healthiest environment for all students, staffs and visitors of the college, Mid has opted to eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke on all of our campuses.

What is considered a tobacco product and is therefore prohibited under this policy?

Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, snuff, water pipes, pipes, hookahs, chew and any other non-combustible tobacco product.

Are there any designated smoking areas on campus?

While there are no designated public smoking areas on campus, individuals may smoke or use tobacco products within their personal vehicles located on college grounds.

Will there be penalties for violating the Smoke and Tobacco Free Policy?

Yes. Violations of the policy are subject to disciplinary action including but not limited to verbal warnings, written warnings, and fines.

Who does the policy apply to?

The Policy applies to everyone visiting Mid’s campuses for any reason, including students, staff, vendors, and guests.

What are the rights of smokers?

There is no legal right defined under state or federal law. Prohibiting smoking on campus, except in personal vehicles, provides everyone access to clean, smoke-free air while allowing adults who smoke to continue to do so. This decision supports the rights and privileges of both smokers and non-smokers alike.

What should I do if I see someone smoking or using tobacco products on College grounds?

Students or staff who see an individual smoking or using a tobacco product, outside of their personal vehicle, may respectfully inform them of the policy or may also contact Campus Security. Harrison Campus Security (989) 339-4204;

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