Club Hockey

Do you have a desire to play Collegiate Hockey?

Be Part of The Power Play and sign up for Mid's D-3 Hockey Team.

The goal of the program is to roster a team to compete in the Michigan Collegiate Hockey Conference (MCHC) Questions,

Contact Barney Ledford

2017-2018 Season

If there aren't enough players to form a "Collegiate" team, we will "sponsor" a Club Team in the Mt. Pleasant Adult League. We will provide uniforms, coaching, and a few practices. If you are a Mid Student, we will also pay part of your registration fee. In the adult league, there may also be non-Mid players.

If you have an interest in playing, please e-mail either Coach Barney Ledford or Assistant Coach Chris Kliewoneit, and you will be added to our contact list to receive e-mails about any new/updated information.

Interested in playing hockey at the collegiate level? Fill out the Prospective Student Athlete Form.

The season starts soon - don't delay!

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