Partnerships Produce Products to Meet Diverse Needs in the GLBR

Mid Michigan College has been a strong partner in Great Lakes Bay STEM Initiative programs for several years.  The Employer Talent Pipeline is one of those efforts built in partnership between Mid and the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance.

As a LEAD in that Pipeline I take on a variety of roles.  One of the most recent has been a return to my educator roots utilizing my curriculum and lesson writing skill.  Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works! and  Michigan Works! Region 7B recognized our contribution in a recent Facebook post:

Micareerquest middle michigan

Our next MCQMM 2020 “talent tour” video features Roscommon Road Commission employees in the construction industry sector. Thanks to our education partners at Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance and Mid Michigan College, the video is accompanied by a construction career exploration lesson. All are available now at

The Talent Tour video series includes two finished products, an agricultural feature and a road commission feature,  with a commitment by Michigan Works! to produce eight additional videos.  The videos use a regional business to inform and introduce high demand careers to students.  The Employer Talent Pipeline is submitting the classroom lesson plans with related learning materials to accompany and enhance the educational value of the videos.  All of the materials are virtual friendly for students to access out of school time as well.

Educators and career explorers from grades six through adult can access the materials at the link in the Facebook post.  Many high demand careers are already featured with high quality links for students and job seekers.  Please pass this great resource on to educators from grades six through adult to use in their career exploration toolkits!