Support for Students

Theresa Borowski, AMP Trio Success Coach, working with a student in the library on the Harrison campus.

We value our students immensely. We want them to complete their plans and achieve their career goals.

Obstacles and challenges do arise, and we provide numerous support services to assist students in overcoming these.

Our Support for Success website compiles all of our support services into one area:

  • Library & Learning Services
    • Tutoring
    • Writing and Reading Center
    • Math Lab
    • Science Center
  • Academic Advising to assist students with selecting degrees and creating a path that works for them. Academic advisors help selecting and scheduling courses. Transfer advisors work with students to make sure that the MMCC courses they select will transfer to the university program of their choice.
  • Progress Advising to assist students who are struggling to maintain financial aid eligibility based on academic performance. These advisors work directly with students to provide the support needed to continue their educational journeys.
  • AMP-TRiO is a grant-funded program for first-generation, low-income, or disabled students that provides one-on-one assistance to help students Achieve their Maximum Potential.
  • Mid-Ride is an online carpool matching service.
  • Disability Services work directly with students who have documented disabilities and require accommodations.
  • Veteran Services offers support for military-connected students.
  • International Services assists students who are not US citizens.
  • The Office of Student Oversight oversees safety, security, and conduct matters.
  • Additional financial assistance through vocational ed for qualified students who are pursuing most AAS degrees.
  • A list of community assistance providers for students' concerns, needs, and issues outside of MMCC. We've compiled a list of local agencies and contacts to help direct students to the community services that might benefit them.
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