Campus Alert: Harrison Construction! Visitors should use the appropriate campus entrance. For classes, use the Mannsiding Entrance. For Student Services, use the S. Clare entrance. Renovation Info

Harrison Campus Renovation Timeline

Renovations in Harrison are running on time, and may be completed ahead of schedule! As renovations continue there will be disruption. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as a bolder, brighter, better campus is created. Please see the notes below to determine which entrance is appropriate for your destination.

Important Updates

Safety Tip!

  • Drive slowly and be aware of your surroundings - construction crews and equipment are active across the Harrison Campus. Areas along the main drive that runs through the Harrison Campus are strictly off-limits to all individuals except construction crew members.

    Entrances Now through Project Completion

    • SOAR Center Entrance
      • Academic Advising, Academic Affairs, Administration, Admissions, Advancement & Outreach, Business Office, Cashier, Financial Aid, Help Desk, Mentors, Registration & Records, Strategic Communications
    • East/Science Wing Entrance
      • Classrooms 273-281 and E202-242
      • Classroom E206 reopens in October
      • Math Lab E204
      • Testing Center E242
      • Writing & Reading Center E202
      • Welding Lab
    • Portables
      • Bookstore, Classrooms 240 and 241, Compliance, Educational Talent Search, Faculty Offices, Library, Safety & Security, Veterans Resource Center
    • Center for Medical Imaging Studies and Technical Education Center are unaffected by the renovations.


    • Now through Project Completion
      • Logistics & Locations
        • Connector hallway between East/Science Wing and SOAR Center remains closed as new student spaces and service areas are constructed.
        • The Nursing Lecture Hall on the Harrison Campus will be unavailable in September. Classes scheduled in this classroom will take place on the Mt. Pleasant Campus during the month of September ONLY, and then return to the Harrison Campus in October.
        • Portables are located in the parking lot immediately adjacent to the Technical Education Center lot.
          • All portables are handicap accessible and have heat/air conditioning. Classroom specific portables meet classroom code requirements.
          • Portables house the Bookstore, Classrooms 240 & 241, Educational Talent Search, Faculty Offices, Library, Safety & Security, Compliance, and Veterans Resource Center.
          • Bookstore open with snacks, lunch items, and cold beverages available.
      • Utilities
        • Heating units are disconnected throughout the main building to allow for the installation of new internal climate control systems.
        • Air Conditioning and Air Handler Circulating Units are disconnected in the main building, except for Rooms 278-292 to allow for the installation of new internal climate control systems.
        • Gas turned off in the main building, including CTE and Welding areas. Hot water is not available.
          • A new gas line is being installed to support the new boiler system, which will result in increased energy efficiencies and improved internal climate control.
    • Now through Project Completion
      • Main Drive closed to through traffic.
        • Use the South/Mannsiding Road Drive Entrance to access
          • Bookstore
          • Center for Medical Imaging Studies
          • Compliance
          • CTE
          • East/Science Wing Entrance
          • Educational Talent Search
          • Faculty Offices
          • Library
          • Math Lab (E204)
          • Rooms (273-281, E202-E242)
          • Safety & Security
          • Shipping & Receiving
          • Technical Education Center
          • Testing Center (E242)
          • Veterans Resource Center
          • Welding Lab
          • Writing & Reading Center (E202)
        • Use the West/Clare Avenue Drive Entrance to access
          • Academic Advising
          • Academic Affairs
          • Administration
          • Admissions
          • Advancement & Outreach
          • Business Office
          • Cashier
          • Financial Aid
          • Help Desk
          • Mid Mentors
          • Registration & Records
          • Strategic Communications
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