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Statement to our K12 Partner Schools

As the State of Michigan, school districts, and colleges and universities respond rapidly to the evolving Covid-19 situation, we appreciate the sense of community and togetherness that will allow Mid to best serve its students and partner school districts.

Below, we've assembled some responses to questions we've frequently heard from k12 staff and administrators. We are updating with new questions and answers as the situation changes. Please consult this page regularly to ensure that you have the most up-to-date info.

Again, thank you for your partnership, your patience, and your commitment to the wellbeing of our students and communities.

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We will be regularly updating the below list of questions and our answers as we have more details and make adjustments based on new information. If you have a question or concern that doesn't appear below, please complete this form.

FAQ for Dual Enrollment Sites: Covid-19 Response

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Where are we today?

The College’s on-campus courses have been canceled for Monday and Tuesday, March 16 and 17. The exception to this are classes with the following designators: welding, automotive and diesel service, CADD, HRA, and AIM (Advanced Integrated Manufacturing). Students in these classes are asked to attend in their regular buildings and rooms on Monday.

For all classes outside of the areas above, faculty will take Monday and Tuesday to plan how to deliver content remotely in as many instances as possible. Faculty will directly communicate to their classes when these decisions are made. Your students should, as always, maintain contact with their faculty members to understand how remote learning will affect each class individually. These communications are likely early next week after faculty planning and training sessions.

Are high school teachers expected to continue teaching their college courses?

Yes. We expect that all adjunct and full-time instructors continue to teach their courses, moving as much as possible to distance-learning formats. We know that this might be new to some of our instructors, and so we are working to develop training tools and resources to assist them--this is the focus of Monday and Tuesday’s College course cancelation.

If you are or have a high school teacher functioning as a Mid adjunct, the College has been distributing information about these trainings. Monday and Tuesday will offer significant opportunities to learn how to move course content to alternative deliveries through Zoom, Moodle, and others. We encourage high school teachers to attend these trainings and access these resources as they move their instruction online.

How are proctored exams going to be handled?

This is a particularly challenging question and one that the College is actively investigating. Faculty will be encouraged to consider ways to flex their delivery, assessment, or expectations in light of the current situation. We will also present alternative methods for testing that may accommodate their courses.

Ultimately, these decisions will be driven by instructors based on what their particular courses require and what alternative deliveries may work best. Specific course-by-course information will be sent to students by their instructors early next week.

What about our dual enrollees who don’t have access to devices or internet services?

There are some Internet Provider offers that may assist students with internet access during the pandemic.

Charter is offering free access to Spectrum Broadband and Wi-Fi for 60 days for K-12 and College students who do not currently have internet.

Comcast is offering free internet for 60 days to new families signing up.

Mid Michigan College campus resources remain available.

Both Harrison and Mt. Pleasant campuses will remain open to provide access to computers and wi-fi. For students concerned with entering buildings, parking lot access is available in certain areas.

Technology Checkout Options

The College has a very limited number of devices that can be checked out by students. Because of the limited quantities, the College asks that students respectfully refrain from requesting these devices unless they have no other options. Those students who need to check out a device can do so by submitting a HelpDesk ticket.

How long are face-to-face classes going to be online?

We don’t know. This is a fluid situation, and the College anticipates being as proactive as possible, while remaining reactive and responses to new developments. For now, we expect faculty and instructors to prepare for alternative deliveries through April 13, in alignment with K12 closures. Should situations require an extension, we will communicate that with you and students.

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