As a new high school graduate, you've reached a milestone and all of us at Mid congratulate you.
As a family member of a graduate, we celebrate you for the support you've given and sacrifices you've made.

As a new high school graduate, now is the time to consider your next exciting step toward building a bolder, brighter, better future.

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As a family member, now may be the time to explore your own options and chart a new path to success with a team that's ready to support you.

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You’re not a number, and you are never treated like one at Mid. We appreciate your individuality and work with you every step of the way. From application through graduation, your Mid Mentor is your ally and advocate focused on helping you succeed. We help you personalize an academic pathway based on your goals and circumstances. Whether you intend to enter the workforce or transfer beyond Mid, our team works with you to customize a semester-by-semester plan that gets you to your goal.

Why is all this important to us?

Because when you achieve your dreams, we do too.

79% of our Students Receive Aid Mid offers a lot of classes both traditional and online
Small class sizes means more time getting to know instructors 4,956 Students attended Mid Michigan Community College for the 2017-2018 school year.
50% of our students plan to transfer Our students range from under 18 to over 40, and most are between 18-25
We have thousands of Mid Alumni on Linked In. Join us today!
Mid Michigan has two campuses in Harrison and Mt. Pleasant
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